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CICGC 2008 had a large impact in our campus, Puerto Rico, and the rest of the region. The following internationally recognized experts on green communities were invited to our conference:

Mr. Erik Assadourian
Research Associate, Worldwatch Institute
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Lecture Title: Sustainable Communities Building Sustainable Societies
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Dr. David Pijawka
Professor, School of Planning, Arizona state University
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Lecture Title: Social and Planning Dimensions of Sustainability: Setting the Stage for the Next Decade
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Dr. Eric Olson
Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Program in Sustainable International Development, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
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Lecture Title: Community Farms and Forests as Venues to Teach About Global Change
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Dr. Paul Hepperly
Research Director, Rodale Institute
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Lecture Title: The Role of Food and Agriculture in Green Communities
(This is a video interview previously recorded at UPRM exclusively for this conference)
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> See video about this topic

Rosa Hilda Ramos
Recipient of the 2008 Golman Environmental Prize, Cataño Unido Contra La Contaminación (CUCCO), Puerto Rico
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Lecture Title: Transforming Cataño in a Green Community

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